Betty Shabazz


Most commonly known as the wife of Malcolm X, Betty Shabazz isn’t always recognized for her own hard work and activism. It’s unfair for women to fall into the shadows of their husband’s legacies and not be given one of their own, and for that reason I am honoring her. Betty Shabazz grew up with a middle class foster family in Detroit, where her parents tried their best to shelter her from racism and segregation. However, when she went away to college at Tuskegee University, she experienced racism in a way she never had before. She became a registered nurse and after her husband was assassinated decided to continue her education while supporting her six children and received a Ph.D. in education administration and served as a professor and then a director of the department of communications and public relations at Medgar Evers College. Betty Shabazz lectured as a civil rights activist and fought for racial tolerance. Betty worked incredibly diligently for herself and others.

She worked to leave a legacy behind for young black women to build off of and for this reason I uplift her name.