Use #SayHerName to honor women and femmes who have been taken from us by state or intimate partner violence



Use #InHerHonor to lift up women in our everyday lives who are fighting and thriving in the face of adversity or who died from natural causes.


On May 19th, 2016, as part of the national #SayHerName day of action, we are asking folks to participate in lifting up women and femmes who are no longer with us, and/or those who inspire us in our everyday lives. Upload an image, graphic or photograph of someone you want to lift up, using either #SayHerName for those who have been taken from us and #InHerHonor for those who are still with us or passed from natural causes.

The “Who Will Survive In America? x #SayHerName” campaign is a multi-media platform created to share stories, learn from one another, and celebrate the lives of the women and femmes we’ve lost and those we are lifting up.

The campaign was conceived in 2013 by Black Lives Matter New York member, Walter Cruz. It was his attempt to uplift the voices of the young people of color whose lives were taken as a result of systemic injustice, anti-blackness and police brutality.

Fellow BLM:NY artist, Tiffany Lenoi Jones teaches a course titled “I Honor You”, at City-As-School (, which is a course that explores the meaning and act of giving honor. #InHerHonor was created through Tanya Lucia Bernard’s leadership of BLM’s  Arts + Culture branch; Walter, Tiffany and the City As School “I Honor You” Youth Activists were asked to take the lead on creating an iteration of the campaign around #SayHerName for a national action on May 19th, 2016.

This year as part of the #SayHerName day of action, we’d like your help in telling the stories of women and femmes across the country whose lives were taken from us and also of those who are fighting and thriving in the face of adversity.

Seeing the lives of black and brown folks being treated without regard at an alarming rate in this country and throughout the world continues to prove why it is imperative we lift up these names on the path to getting us all free. Your stories deserve to be told. Join in today.


  1. Download one (or all) of our posters or a blank template
  2. If choosing a blank template, make sure to include the following in your design/submission:
    • Name of individual who is being honored.
    • A portrait of your choice that depicts the individual superimposed onto your poster (i.e. a photo, drawing,picture of an object that reminds you of them, etc…)
    • Name clearly written across bottom of portrait
  3. Post the pre-made or self-made posters up in a public or private place.

Download Template